International customers

We offer worldwide shipping to cater for most needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask and we will aim to accommodate.

Shipping method : EMS (Express Mail Service)

payment method : PayPal and Credit card


There are easy steps to placing an order with us. When sending an enquiry, please include:

– Name of item, colour, size and quantity

– Your name and address

– Your height (if you want to purchase a bike)

Ordering process

After receiving your enquiry or order we will:

– Check your item is in stock

– Give you price information

– Calculate the shipping fee

– Calculate a delivery date

Payment and taxes 

Total cost = product price + sales tax (10%) + shipping fee

Please make payment within 7 days of order.


We can calculate the shipping fee when you give us your address. Fee depends on size, weight and destination.

Unfortunately it is sometimes impossible to deliver goods to some areas.

Return policy

Sorry, we can’t offer refunds or exchanges.


1: There may be import duties/tax to pay. This is the responsibility of the customer.

2: Packing might be 1-2 boxes, according to size and model.

3: If we have your order in stock, we despatch items within 7 days. If we need to order items, it could take up to 2-3 weeks.

E.B.S Bike

If you would like to order E.B.S frame and fork or paint bikes it will take 3 to 6 months.